Parent Reviews

    • “When I was a child I attended Community Nursery School. Now, a mother of three, I knew that there was only one preschool for us, Community Nursery School! It’s a warm, caring environment. The teachers are always smiling and friendly. I have always felt that my children were in great hands. My family has spent the past six years at CNS and have had such a positive experience. My children are excited about school, love their teachers and are always looking forward to the activities that they are doing in class. I would highly recommend Community Nursery School!”

    • “Mrs. Fuce, Thank you so much for the hard work, patience, creativity, and love you pour into making CNS such a wonderful place. It has been such a blessing to have Geordie at CNS for the last two years. He has grown so much under the loving care of all of his teachers. I have been a teacher, so I know that the love and joy all the adults at CNS brirng to work does not happen by accident. It takes an excellent leader to make that possible.”

      Sarah Ehrhorn
    • “Mrs. Fuce, Thank you for encouraging me to be me, and knowing what I needed to do and learn to be a better me. I learned so much from the lessons you taught me and how you treated me and supported me as I became more vocal and social. Your loving demeanor made me so comfortable and I absolutely loved seeing you every day. You have done more than expected to prepare me for kindergarten and have made school a fun and happy place. You will forever be my favorite teacher and I will never forget how much you taught me and how you helped me grow.”

      Camryn Quinlan
    • “To Beth and the entire staff at Community Nursery School – Thank you for the wonderful years and great beginning you gave to our precious grandsons. I know how important a good foundation is for children so it will be the underpinnings of their future educational endeavors. Thank you for loving, caring, and nurturing them and instilling curiosity for the world around them. God bless you all!”

      Elizabeth Henderson
    • “We have loved our time at CNS. In fact, we wish that we had found it three children ago! It is an amazing, gently nurturing place where our daughter has thrived and in which she had felt completely safe, loved and uniquely known! We could not recommend it more highly!”

      Kate & Steve Leavey
    • “When I first visited Community Nursery School, I was drawn to the school because it was run by a mom and daughter team and was founded forty years ago. This longevity creates an atmosphere of caring, dedication and trust which resonates throughout the school. My daughter has spent two happy and wonderful years at CNS. She is thriving and LOVES to go to school! The staff has provided a very loving, nurturing and safe environment for her while developing her social and academic skills and confidence.As a parent and an educator, CNS was the perfect choice for us. Thank you CNS for making our preschool experience so, so special.”

      Deborah & Sean Moriartyv
    • “We chose Community Nursery School (CNS) because of the old school charm of the classrooms, the outgoing and friendly staff, and the rich history that Roberta and her daughter, Beth have created and cultivated through the years. Living so close to CNS, we really feel part of the community and sending our child here has been a very positive experience for us. From an academic and development standpoint, CNS has a very good reputation for identifying development issues and working with parents and the school system to ensure your child is taught what he/she needs before entering kindergarten.”

      Sharon Desmond
    • “I am exceedingly impressed by the warmth, nurturing and professionalism of the entire staff at CNS. On Remy’s very first day of school, I was pleasantly surprised when Beth Fuce said hello to Remy by name. There was a million little bodies running around, we had only been to the school once before for the tour and it was such a nice personal touch for Remy to be recognized. Immediately, I knew we would love the school!”

      Chrissy Shapiro
    • “CNS has been our first experience with leaving a child at preschool and we could not be happier that we chose this school for our daughter, Lindsay. The teachers are outstanding, and work hard to make both the students and the parents comfortable with this new experience. We were amazed at how quickly the teachers and administrators got to know the families by name. You get a real sense of community at CNS; from the Fathers’ breakfast and Mothers’ tea, to the celebration of Holidays and birthdays. These three years here have flown by. There were tears in my eyes when we first left Lindsay at CNS. While we feel that there will always be a connection with the families we have met here, I anticipate a teary eye in June as we leave for Kindergarten.”

      Jen Scheibel
    • “We could not have asked for a more nurturing and caring preschool for our two sons. The teachers at Community Nursery School truly get to know each child, and genuinely care about them. Our sons were always greeted with warm, friendly smiles, and energetic hellos. All of the teachers helped teach our children how to share, work together, be kind friends, good listeners, take turns, follow directions, and enjoy school; and they did it all with a smile! Their expertise in nurturing the whole child is evident in the hands-on curriculum, and executed with enthusiasm and love for what they do. As our sons’ first school setting, we could not have been happier. Thank you Community Nursery School!”

      Joe (CNS alumni) & Lisa Mortarelli