In 1965, Roberta Wambolt opened the doors of CNS Wayland with a group of mothers who were looking for group socialization for their toddlers. Now, 55 years later, the private preschool school is celebrating over five and a half decades in the town of Wayland. 

Today, Community Nursery School has programs serving children ages 2.9 years through kindergarten. The school’s purpose and philosophy remain the same: CNS is committed to providing a warm, nurturing, and supportive environment that encourages young children to develop towards their best potential.

We sat down with Roberta and Beth to talk about the changes that have taken place over the last five and half decades, and the exciting plans for this school year.

CNS Wayland
Why do you think CNS has been able to last 55 years? 

Roberta: CNS has served as your neighborhood school because there remains the same need in the early years of children’s lives — a need to learn how to socialize, grow, and develop with peers of a similar age. They thrive with the dedication and encouraging nature of highly qualified teachers.

What is the best part of CNS?

Roberta: The teachers! The teachers at CNS Wayland are like a family and we love your children like they are family as well. Our staff is extremely well-trained and filled with knowledge about young children, and working with them is a blast. 

Why do families continue to choose CNS? 

Roberta: CNS continues to be a tradition of local families. We have many graduates who have now become parents themselves and return to us with their own precious children. We also love to have our graduates continue to visit as they enter elementary school and beyond. What a gift it is to be part of the community where this is valued — a rare treasure in today’s fast-paced world. 

When you started CNS did you have any idea that you would still be involved 55 years later? 

Roberta: No, I had no idea! But I am blessed beyond measure to still be a part of it. I love coming to the school and being with the young students, and watching my own daughter, who now runs the school, teach the students. Getting our littlest children off to a strong start sets the tone for their educational career. The laughter and delight a young child brings is the best part of life. Teaching them and helping them to develop and learn has always been like medicine to me. It’s such a life-giving job that I am grateful to still be part of. 

What is your favorite thing about being a teaching director? 

Beth: I love my role as a teaching director because it allows me to live my life dream of helping young children grow and learn to be the best they can be, alongside nurturing and encouraging parents and teachers. I feel that a child’s first exposure to school should help them develop a solid base of trust, as well as a curiosity about learning and exploring new things. As a director, I serve on three very different director groups. I am a part of the Wayland directors, which is town specific, as part of the Framingham network, I am kept informed of all state and local happenings. As a part of the Central Mass association, I get support for all questions and state changes in regulations and requirements. 

What are you most excited about for this school year? 

Beth: I am so thrilled with all of our summer renovations. Our classrooms have never looked better! We have so many new families this year and it is so fun to watch the whole family make new friends and learn the routines and traditions that we hold here at CNS. We are already gearing up for our Holloween Parade and planning ahead for our annual Father’s breakfasts. 

The biggest joy, every year, is the journey of childhood growth. Many of our children are with us for three years, in which we take them from toddlerhood to solidly ready for Kindergarten. It is amazing to be apart of this exciting process, and an honor to work with the kids and their families.  

The CNS community is my favorite part of teaching — it’s made up of so many great families, and keeping in touch even after the kid’s graduate is the greatest gift. Watching generations of children come through the school is one of the biggest blessings. I love that our families are able to keep their children as number one in their lives. The children here are thriving and so joyful, what a treasure to be apart of this team.