About Us

At CNS, each day is a wonderful adventure!

We provide several art choices each day as well as a kinesthetic table, science, math and writing centers.

First and foremost, your child’s feelings and personalities are valued. We get to know your children and know how to best relate to them. We are a preschool which provides for noisy, active children as well as a safe area for quieter children. Our children’s needs are considered and embraced and we fully understand the joys and challenges of preschool children.


CNS is licensed by the State of Massachusetts every other year. We are under the supervision of the Office of Early Education and Care and receive regular visits and inspections. We also work closely with the Public School Systems of Wayland and Natick. This long standing relationship helps us ensure a smooth transition to kindergarten as well as allowing us to have the ability to get your child help from the public system when needed.


CNS is run by a Board of Directors made up of our Founder, Director, parents, and teachers. This board is responsible for the administration of the school. Visit our staff page to find out more about our current board.

We Have Availability!

There are still limited spots for multiple classes at CNS Wayland for the 2023-24 school year. If you have interest, we would love to your meet you, your child, and provide you a tour. Open Houses happen periodically as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my chances of getting in?

Very good, especially if you apply to the 2-day program as a 2.9-3 year old.

How many spots are open to new families and how many are filled by existing CNS families?
Each year is different depending on the number of children moving into a Kindergarten program.
Does it matter when I return my application? Should I try to get it in early?

Yes! First come, first served!

Why is it necessary to prioritize/preference my program choices on the application?
This allows the registrar to provide the best fit for your child.
What are my odds as a new family of getting into the 3-day extended program?

Not as good as getting into the 2 day program, as many of our returning families follow the progression of a 2-day to a 3-day program. It is possible, especially if you get the application in early, as every year is different.

What is the teacher to child ratio in a typical class?
Generally, we have no more than 13 children per class. Each class has a staffed teacher and teacher’s assistant.
Will accepting a spot in the pogram that is not my first choice improve my chances on the waitlist for the program I wish to be in?
Yes, get in wherever you can – the list moves and shifts as the year unfolds.