School Policies

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

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Tote Bags and Dress

Each child should bring a large and roomy open-top tote bag with handles (no backpacks please) to carry projects and papers home in.

Dress your child casually; even with a smock on, paint spattering may occur!

Each child should have an extra change of clothes in his/her tote bag in case of an accident. Please remember to update the clothing during the course of the year based on the season changes.

Children will go out to the playground even on cold/snowy days, so be sure to dress them appropriately. Please remember to label all out clothing.

Please do not allow your child to bring breakable or annoying toys to school, such as plastic guns or knives. Music and Books are welcome at all times!


If your child will not be coming to school, please let us know by calling the school prior to 9AM.


Please pack one healthy snack and a drink or a water bottle for your child everyday. Sample snacks are yogurt, fruit, carrot sticks, goldfish and animal crackers.

Tooth Brushing

Please pack a toothbrush in your child’s lunchbox, if he/she is staying for lunch. We will use water to brush teeth after eating lunch at school.

Peanut Free Policy

CNS is a nut free school. This means that products containing tree nuts or peanuts cannot be sent to school. Products produced in a facility that produces nut products are allowed. A granola bar that has peanuts or peanut butter topping is not okay. Please feel free to contact Beth Fuce if you have specific questions.


Birthdays may be celebrated at school. If you’d like, celebrate your child’s birthday by donating their favorite book to the CNS Library. Have them decorate and sign the inside cover and bring it to school on their birthday!

Parents may bring a special snack for that day. Please let your teacher know a day or two in advance to avoid any scheduling conflicts and to notify parents of children with allergies so they may provide their own special treat from home. Birthdays which do not fall during the school year may be celebrated at school on a date chosen by the parent.

Health Regulations

The school strongly recommends your child is toilet trained by the start of the school year.

A child who shows signs of a cold or rash should be kept at home. For 24 hours after a fever has ended, a child is considered ill. Children who come to school should be free of symptoms and well enough to participate in normal school activities, including outdoor activities.

The teacher will call the parents if a child is too ill to remain at school. In order that other parents may be informed, cases of contagious disease such as strep throat, conjunctivitis, chicken pox, fifth disease, head lice, vomiting or diarrhea, should be reported to the school. A note from the doctor is required when a child returns from having a serious contagious disease. Communication is essential in helping to contain the spread of infectious disease among children. Please contact Beth Fuce with any questions.


Parents are asked to notify the school of any allergies their child is subject to, and what actions the staff may take to handle an allergic reaction. Please ask your pediatrician to provide documentation of allergic response and treatment instructions.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Daily transportation is arranged by the parents.

In the morning, children can be brought into the school by a parent/responsible adult or dropped off at the front door where a teacher will great them and walk them to their classroom.

At the end of the day, we have a curbside pick up system to safely and efficiently get your child into your car.

The teacher should be notified of any change in the regular pick up arrangements. Children should be dropped off promptly at 9:00 am and picked up promptly at their release time.

Inclement Weather Policy

Community Nursery School will follow the NATICK school cancellations, which may not coincide with Wayland. An e-blast will be sent confirming whether school will be open or closed. If Natick schools are postponed or cancelled, CNS will be cancelled.